10 January 2006

A few things I learned from this past weekend's semi-move to Iowa City.

#1. I live in a building with a lot of 21-year-olds. Keeping in mind that classes do not resume until next Tuesday, the fact that the apartment building was nearly fully occupied Saturday night is somewhat surprising. I was pleased with my own reaction to having been woken up from the music the drunk kids started blaring from either across the hall or downstairs. I smiled and thought, "they must be having fun." I might be 25, but I'm not to the "I wish they'd stop making all that racket" stage.

#2. Putting together an "L-Shaped desk" is not as much fun as it sounds, but, with the aid of a 23-oz Bass Ale from Buffalo Wild Wings, it is a much smoother operation. The aforementioned beer also makes it easier to ignore the directions for putting together the aforementioned L-shaped desk--when it says that the step requires more than one person, what it really means is that it requires you and the person who poured your beer.

#3. Organic and virtually recycled bedsheets are extremely comfortable.

#4. I live less that two blocks from a brewery.* *I knew that already, but I thought that it would mean even more to me in print.

#5. Not all states have free wireless internet at the interstate rest areas. For those of you who avoid driving through Iowa, may I recommend bringing your laptop. All the rest areas along I-80 in the Hawkeye State have free wireless. So, as you're driving, if you have a sudden urge to check this week's edition of The Onion, feel free to take a pit stop.

#6. Pete's Wicked Ale can be a ceremonial first beer.


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