06 August 2003

So, I'm no longer living with Germans. But it was fun while it lasted, and at no point did anyone make any serious plans for total global domination. At least none that rival W's current reign of terror. My roommate situation was about as hilarious as it gets. Allow me to illucidate.

When I checked in at my apartment complex, the first apartment they tried to fit me into was DISGUSTING. Cigarette butts everywhere. Trash on the living room floor. Who would have thought that Italians and Brits were so filthy? After complaining immediately to the proper authorities, I was allowed to pick my own apartment from the list provided. After viewing a couple, I decided to take a one-bedroom apartment. The resident of that apartment, Timo (German), was not around when I visited, but who I thought was his girlfriend (German) was. The place was clean, the location was great, so I stuck with it.

After the first two days, I realized that Timo was never there. The girl was. I'd wake up and she would be asleep in his bed. He was nowhere to be seen. Eventually I discovered that Timo didn't really spend any time in that apartment. He slept at his boyfriend's (yes, his boyfriend's) house, and she hated her roommates, so she slept there. An odd, but albeit acceptable situation.

After a month in that unusual situation, I was told I had to move to a different complex with the other Advanced Interns, so my German roommates and I have parted ways. Sad, really.

As far as everything else is concerned, my job is good. The hours are good, the pay is acceptable. Everything is all right. But when it's not, I've found that drinking my weight in margaritas makes for a pleasant evening.