31 December 2003

Happy New Year, everyone. 2003 was definitely a (insert adjective here) year. I've gone from my regular self to crazy flipping out (around April 20) to moving in with a gay German who was never there but had his hot German girl friend stay there to moving all of my stuff about 5 blocks away into another apartment with a gay guy from Massachusetts to having a job that was all right to not-so all right to having to move about 3 blocks to a new apartment to getting ready to start another job in a few days. What an interesting life I lead sometimes.

In other news, I've felt like I need a cold shower all day for the last few weeks, I'm that wound up. Relief is not in sight.

15 December 2003

Hey, now that we've found Saddam, it's ok that the "President" lied to us about going to war. Wait a minute. . .

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I know that I am, despite the fact that I've been subjected to the same Christmas loop at the Disney MGM Studios everyday since the week before Thanksgiving. At this point, I have yet to buy any Christmas presents; nor have I purchased a wedding present for my sister yet, but Ms. Etiquette firmly states that I can wait an entire year to do that. Bonus.

10 December 2003

My old college roommate (my god, I already talk like an old person), Joseph, is coming to Orlando tomorrow for a visit. This should be pretty exciting, what with his having lived about 100 miles away for the past six months and our collective visits equaling exactly one. Regardless, it should be a pretty fun time at the old Walt Disney World Resort. It's strange to think like a Disney Guest, planning out things to do and what to see. I'm over it.

In other news, I've been offered a new position within the Company as an intern for the next six months at the Disney Institute as a Youth Programs Facilitator. Essentially, I'll be leading educational field trips (c'mon roller coaster physics) at Walt Disney World for visiting school groups 2nd-12th grade. Should be an experience, plus it's a raise from what I'm doing now and will most likely be much more enjoyable. And no more closing hours, as the field trips usually begin about 7am. Hooray for going to work when it's still night.

08 December 2003

Question: What would you do if you had a few million dollars?

Answer: If I had enough money that I wouldn't have to work ever again, I would go to college forever. FOREVER. I may or may not get any more degrees, but I would definitely take every class at the University of Iowa. I would buy a house in Iowa City and, naturally, have season tickets for the football games. Of course, with enough money not to have to worry about anything, I could make some attempts to get some work in California, living in Iowa City when I'm not working. Auditing classes rather than actually doing the work for them (unless, of course, the work seemed interesting) would be pretty sweet. Please keep in mind that most of the classes would be undergraduate level because, seriously, who wants to be that smarmy grad school guy?

05 December 2003

Something else that's been bothering me lately is the weather. Some people get the Seasonal Affective Disorder (which really has no good scientific evidence for its existence), a syndrome of depressed mood, spirits, and otherwise crankiness when the trees lose their leaves and the temperature drops. I think I have the Anti-Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's too annoyingly not winter here. The coldest high temperature we've had was about 63. We have no snow, naturally, and nothing that even resembles winter weather. I've had to wear a heavy coat once, and had I been in Iowa, I probably wouldn't have worn it at all. Depressing, eh? It's as though I'm homesick for sleet, freezing rain, snow, and ice. Bummer.

04 December 2003

Despite ample opportunity and a great desire to do it, I have failed to keep a consistent update with this weblog. I always feel like I have things I want to say, but by the time I get around to trying to write them, the ideas have flown the proverbial coop and have left me in a state of stupor comparable to that of my first college roommate's general existence.

At this time last year, I was finishing up projects and papers for my communication classes, which was a pain in the ass, for sure, but it was what I was accustomed to doing. All the wondering about what life would be like after college (read: wondering what it would be like to have a full-time job and not have to take my work home with me) has now materialized into wishing I had something to do outside of work that was productive. Playstation, TV, movies, and general nothingness simply do not cut it. Very possibly, I all those vices would be more enjoyable if I didn't dislike my job so much. The only way to find out for sure would be to like my job, which I don't really expect to happen in the near future. My god, I need a statistics course or to get laid.

I'm going to come right to the point. I'm not content with my life at this juncture. I feel very lucky to be physically healthy--lord knows that everyday at Guest Relations is a lesson in counting one's blessings. I talk to my family on a semi-regular basis, and I'm looking forward to seeing the family when I return home for my sister's wedding. With the exception of the lack of joy in my job, one would think that things are going swimmingly, but something is missing. Perhaps more than a singular "something" is missing, but thinking about that is depressing and I don't feel like thinking about it anymore.

I'll close with this bit of personal preference: Girls in sweaters are sexier than girls in bikini tops.