03 September 2003

This post may be a jumbled-up mess of randomness that may spill into each other in completely unrelated ways. Having said that, let's begin.

My housing situation is asinine. I like my roommate, so the problem isn't there. The problem is with the management company and my working company. The partnership is unfortunate. After having been FORCED to move (sure, they told me later that it was an "optional" move, which is information that would have been nice before I had to pack up all of my stuff and move a grand total of about five blocks). Did I receive any sort of compensation for this? No. They were nice enough to send me a letter with some luggage tags in it. The move was precipitated by both companies' economic shortsightedness in May, when they decided to close the complex in which I am now living, and now I'm feeling their ineptitude. To cut further corners, only internship students with their own transportation are permitted to live in this complex, and the way we have been distributed had led to another outrage. Parking is worse in this complex than it is in Iowa City. They have about a quarter of the complex open, within which they expect us to park about half to three-quarters of the cars that could feasibly fit in the ENTIRE place. Translated: If you work past 8:00pm, you won't be parking ANYWHERE near your apartment. And, if for any reason you need to leave the complex at night, you won't be anywhere near it upon return.

All right. That's enough of that rant. Let's move on...

Last Saturday marked the first Iowa Hawkeye home football game that I have missed since the 1998 season. Booray. At least the Hawkeyes won. Man, I would really have loved to be there. Which leads to my next thought. Everyone who ever graduated from college told me that they wished they were still in college. I've given that idea some play and I think they're partially correct. I do NOT miss going to class or writing papers, but I miss the atmosphere of a college town. Badly. The closest big school to here is the University of Central Florida, but that's in Orlando (not a college town). About 100 miles north of here is Gainesville, home of the University of Florida. Gainesville IS a college town. I want to go there. Wait, no I don't. I really want to go to Iowa City. I want to go Buffalo Wild Wings in IOWA CITY, not Oviedo. I want to go to a Hawkeyes' game. Oh, and to make matters worse, living in this hellhole state, what game do we get on ABC? Did we get Ohio State vs. Washington? No, we got Florida State vs. North Carolina. Give me a break. Goddam Florida.