20 February 2005

I've finally seen Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut, and I must say that I wish it were Donnie Darko: Brian's Cut instead. The film is nothing short of wonderful, as the original story and characters remain the same, with a enough deletions and additions here and there make the original story easier to follow for those who require being able to understand all the details of the story. The music is changed in some scenes and both old and new musical selections have their merits, although I nearly died when I didn't hear "The Killing Moon" at the beginning.

Some of the new scenes that fell to the cutting room floor for the original release have been taped back to the director's cut and are wonderful, even if they add mere seconds to the scenes. Most of DD:TDC makes me want to shake Richard Kelly's hand and offer congratulations on releasing a film that is as good as the original. Having said that, some of the additional effects, dialogue, and other insertions/deletions make me want to place both of my hands squarely around his neck and strangle him, screaming, "What the FUCK* were you thinking?!" Apparently, and I must defer as of the two of us, Kelly alone can claim authorship, Kelly's idea of what the complete story of Donnie is somewhat different from my own.

The best part of the re-release is the production diary on disc two, which gives a fairly good look at how films are made, and the logistical challenges that on-location and limited budget/time presents. I know this far too well, especially as I work through post-production on my first short film (see January sometime).

*This denotes the first time I have dropped and most like the last time I will drop the F-bomb on this site.

15 February 2005

An excerpt from my work journal...

If the first day on the job was bad, the second is the first's enema. On my way from the HR "cube" to my own work space, I was forced to walk by four 3'x5' American flags and about a dozen smaller, yet still prominently displayed Old Glories. I hear a hum of both flourescent lights and the servers. Is it bad to want a drink at 9:00 am?

Fifteen minutes later

How about 9:15? Is that any better?

Placing photographs on the walls is a painful reminder that I once went to college. It's as though I've moved into my new prison. I could just take all of my effects with me when I leave for lunch and then never come back. Maybe I should run, like Xaviér in L'auberge Espagnole when the senior office workers show him his office and talk about the red, yellow, and blue binders. Why must I be usurped by reality?

13 February 2005

My film ratings on IMDB.com have an arithmetic mean of 6.02 (out of 10.00) with an standard deviation of 1.87.

Oh, the entertainment industry and patriotic allegiance to countries other than my own.

Upon my return from a lengthy visit to the Great Lakes State, I was inundated by my own bloated pre-vacation media and flag spree. During the week, I received one giant flag of Berlin, a large Canadian flag, two-thirds of my allottment of Blockbuster Online dvds, a greatest hits album of The Grass Roots, and a few illicitly burned compact discs, not to mention a "save-the-date" wedding pre-invitation, a thank-you card, and a job offer confirmation and acceptance letter, and a Discover Card statement, but we'll ignore that last bit for now.

In enjoying said two-thirds of Blockbuster Online dvds, I have to say that Mean Girls is just as funny on the ground as it is on a trans-Atlantic flight. Naturally, I have the urge to call someone a skank now, but I don't really have the opportunity. Dah. Maybe I'll test the waters on that one at my new job.

Before Sunrise, the 1994 prequel to the wonderful 2004 film, Before Sunset, is also wonderful. It's not as great as the latter, but it made me appreciate the second film so much more. A viewing of Sunrise isn't necessary to enjoy Sunset, of course, but it made the romantic, whom I bludgeoned with a candlestick and buried deep within me years ago, smile. Also, I've totally been to Vienna and I want to go back. Much like I want to go back to Paris. Oktoberfest. Prague. Krakow. Berlin... Damn entertainment industry.

Speaking of which, the music industry is full of whores. I know this makes me a bad person, but if Ray Charles weren't dead, his "Genius Loves Company" album wouldn't be up for ANYTHING, let alone have a song winning record of the year. For the love of god, people.

12 February 2005

Being a movie snob, I would never dream of spoiling a surprise ending or secret in a film...but I'm going to make an exception. Those of you who have seen the commercials for Robert DeNiro's and Dakota Fanning's miraculous suspense-filled film, Hide and Seek, have no doubt heard that there's a surprise twist.

I'm going to give the secret away.

Lean closer.

A little closer..

All right, not that close, sicko.

Here's the secret: Hide and Seek is a terrible movie. Horrendous. Painful. Odious. Bad. Worse that a room full of Badgers, Buckeyes, and Hoosiers all doing the macarena naked. Oh yes, THAT bad. BAD.

And Sideways isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I feel better now.