29 September 2004

Greetings from Oslo. I arrived in town much later yesteday than I had expected. It seems that the national or regional or some such other nonsense air-traffic controllers all decided to call in sick with the same illness the day before I flew in, wreaking havoc on Scandinavian skies for yesterday. Fun, so, in addition to arriving at the airport THREE HOURS before my scheduled flight, I was blessed with the opportunity to sit in the airport for an additional TWO and a HALF hours. Hooray for nothing to see past security at London's Ryanairport, Stansted. Upon my arrival in Norway (mind you, the name Ryanair calls my airport is Oslo-Torp), I discovered that I was still a good TWO hours away by bus. 130 NOK later, I arrived in Oslo, and attempted to discover my hostel, which, during the daylight hours, would have been simple. Pitch darkness, not so much. Whatever. I made it, and everything seemed to be in one piece last night.

Today, I meandered through Oslo, which is beautiful, mind you, during the day. I went to Akershus fortress (Epcot) and then spent a great two hours at the Norway Resistance Museum, learning all about the German occupation of Norway from 1940-1945. Neat stuff. The fortress is located just on the skirst of Oslofjord, and it is amazing. Brightly colored changing leaves, a nice sea breeze, and patchy clouded sunny skies made for a great view. Tomorrow, I'm taking the train to Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. Long trip, but I hear the scenery is incredible. We'll see. Until then...I need to buy a Norway stocking cap, as it was nice and chilly this morning (about 5 degrees Celsius when I woke up) Good times.

03 September 2004

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